For families with children just about to go back to school, a washing machine with high performance is essential to ensure that uniforms are cleaned and ready to wear again as soon as possible. Improved washing performance isn’t just about having a huge load capacity, it’s also about having innovative features that you can rely on to enhance results and make assist you though useful automatic settings. 

With the built-in 6TH SENSE technology the FSCR90420 Washing Machine uses intelligence sensors to adapt every cycle saving you up to 50% on energy, water and time. Wave Motion uses this 6TH SENSE technology to adapt the drum for optimum laundry is evenly distributed which keeps results not only perfect but consistent. 

Even with this outstanding level of performance, this model remains whisper-quiet thanks to ZENTechnology which uses a unique traction motor in place of a belt to reduce vibration and give a lower spin speed. 

You may think that with a standard washing machine you only get clean clothing, without drying performance. This isn’t the case with the FSCR90420 thanks to FreshCare which uses a softer cycle, coupled with steam settings to provide fresh clothing that is ready to wear. 

Finally, the everyday operation is efficient as well as impressive, with an A+++ rating which reduces the total power used by 20%. This means even for those using the full 9kg capacity every day will not feel the impact on their wallets. 

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